Bagger Dave’s – Burger Tavern

As everyone who has to eat gluten-free knows, it used to be difficult to find restaurants that accommodate a gluten-free diet.  Luckily, it is a lot more common today, and most restaurants have gluten-free options on their main menu, or a specific menu available upon request.

Whenever I go out to eat with either my family or boyfriend, they are always very cautious and make sure we go somewhere safe.  However, that means going to the same handful of restaurants every time.  I am always looking to find a new favorite to add to the list, and luckily this weekend I found just that!

In February, a Bagger Dave’s – Burger Tavern was built in Canton, near my house.  I have heard good things about them before, so I decided to try it out after the initial rush of a new restaurant died down.  I went there on a Friday night with my mom, dad, and sister.  To my surprise, we were sat as soon as we walked in.  When I asked for the gluten-free menu, I couldn’t believe how many options there were. Although they don’t have gluten-free hamburger buns, they offer a huge variety of burgers that will taste just as delicious without it.  They also have gluten-free beers on their menus, which most restaurants do not have so that is a plus if you enjoy a drink with your burger!

Everything sounded so delicious, but I decided on the “Tijuana Salad” – not only did it have all of the toppings of a normal salad, but also turkey black bean chili, sour cream, and tortilla strips.  YUM! I also convinced my mom to get a gluten-free meal so we could share, and she ordered the “Buffalo Chicken Bowl” – which is lettuce, a grilled chicken breast, buffalo sauce, and ranch.

Let’s just say I added a new favorite to the top of restaurant list and I can’t wait to go back and try everything else!



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