Deep Fried Pickles Recipe

Okay if that title didn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will.  Since going gluten-free, there is no question that I miss deep fried food the most.  Even though you can get fries at some places, I have not found a restaurant that offers REAL deep fried gluten-free food.  Maybe I should have taken this as a hint to stop eating fried food…but instead I got a deep fryer for Christmas.  When I tell people that a deep fryer was my favorite Christmas gift, most are surprised and laugh, but that statement is 100% true.

As soon as I opened it up, I grabbed my list of “foods that I will one day eat again” and picked a few that I have been dying to have for years.  First on the list? Deep fried pickles.  (deep fried Oreos and onion rings were close behind)  My brother-in-law, Devin, is a great cook so I asked him to help.  We couldn’t find a recipe that we liked exactly as is, so we made our own!

1-2 tsp Pickle Juice (from your jar)
1 (16 oz) Jar Dill Pickles (you can use chips, spears, or any kind that you prefer)
1/2 C All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
1/2 tsp Paprika
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Salt

We didn’t use exact measurements, so don’t be afraid to add other ingredients, or use more or less of the ingredients I listed.

These will NOT disappoint if you love unhealthy food as much as I do, and they were super easy to make!  They were also devoured before I could even take a picture, so be prepared to make more.



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