Tropical Smoothie Cafe

As most people know, eating gluten-free on the go is not always easy.  If you are on top of things and pack a lunch with snacks in it, then you don’t have to worry about it.  However, I am often running out the door in just enough time to make it class, barely grabbing the first thing I see to eat for breakfast.  Going to school 40 minutes away has made this even more difficult, because I never know what traffic will be like.

One sunny Thursday, I was driving home because Thursdays are my only night to go straight home and not have to worry about work or a meeting.  I saw a place called “Tropical Smoothie Cafe” and decided I will try it out.  When I walked in, there were several different smoothie options, with a choice of adding in supplements, and also a few things on their food menu.  I chose the “Sunrise Sunset” which is strawberries, pineapple, mango, and orange juice.  I was nervous to add any supplements in because you never know what could be cross-contaminated.


The next time I went in (which turned out to be the next day) I decided I would look at their menu a little closer.  To my surprise, the oats that you can add in are NATURALLY gluten-free….what???? That never happens! There are also several other choices that are gluten free.  This option completely eliminates the risk and fear of getting sick due to cross-contamination.

Since my first trip to “Tropical Smoothie Cafe”, they now know me by name and know my order.    So if you are looking for a good and healthy snack, be sure to check this place out and skip the vending machine!


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